About Us

The Mission of the fund:

  • Create a humanitarian channel to Ukraine that is trusted as much as we are personally.
  • To show by our own example that Ukrainians are the most example of a European country.
  • Together with us, you have the opportunity to do the Great Good by supporting our projects.

Goals of the Foundation

To help the state achieve its goal of victory for Ukraine as soon as possible:

  • We supply medical equipment, furniture, medicines, consumables and rehabilitation equipment to medical institutions in Ukraine.
  • We help the military by providing them with drones, body armour, clothing, footwear, tactical medicine, clothing, shoes, tactical medicine and food.
  • They also need treatment and rehabilitation for those wounded on the battlefield and and those returning from captivity.
  • We help those affected by war not only with clothing, footwear and food and food, but also with medicines, medical equipment and personal protective equipment, etc.

The peculiarity of our foundation is that we do not collect money from Ukrainian citizens.

We have to find international and Ukrainian donors and patrons.

We are not resting on laurels. We are moving forward and we have the strength to fight.

From Help to Victory!