Public offer About the donation of a charitable donation
This offer is addressed to an unspecified number of individuals – individuals and legal entities – to the site in the Internet: https://helpforukraine.fund/ (hereinafter referred to as the Site), given the name “Blagodiynik”, and the official and public proposition of the CO “BF “Help for Ukraine”, hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”, in the person of the director Marchishak Pavel Ivanovich, who, on the basis of the Statute, put an agreement on a favorable voluntary donation (hereinafter – an agreement), the subject of which is the exact nature of which is indicated below:

  1. Terms and definition:
    Acceptance is an absolutely insane acceptance of a public offer by way of making a penny transfer from additional payment forms and placing on the site, as well as a way of transferring penny coins to the Fund’s account through the bank’s establishment. The moment of acceptance is the date of depositing the funds for the fundraising account to the Fund.

Payment is a charitable donation.

A charitable donation is made by the Benefactor of a penny order for the achievement of goals, directing that statutory activity of the Fund is in accordance with the Agreement and the Law of Ukraine “On the Benevolent Activity and Charitable Organizations”.

  1. Subject of the agreement:
    The subject of this agreement is the free transfer by the Blagodijnik at the expense of the Fund of penny koshtіv to reach the goals, directing that kind of statutory activity to the Fund.

Acceptance of the Agreement means that the Benefactor is fit for the statutory provisions, he is fully aware of the subject of the Agreement and the method of collection of donations.

The agreement is madly laid down by the path of the new arrival of the Benefactor to the Agreement and the acceptance of all the original minds of the Agreement.

Blagodіynik i Fund, keruuchy Art. 207, part 2 of Art. 639, Art. 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On the charitable activities and charitable organizations”, Wait, that the Agreement is important to be laid down in a letter form without the signing of the letters of the conciliator by the Parties from the moment the Blagodіyalnіst dіy, transferring the Agreement, to certify the Agreement for the sake of minds.

The agreement is posted on the site https://helpforukraine.fund/ for free access and in a way that ensures the recognition of the skin conditions that are submitted to the Fund.

The Benevolent One can NOT propagate his mind to the Treaty.

  1. Rights and obligations of the parties:
    The Foundation may:

– Recognize charitable donations and victories for the achievement of goals, directing this view of the statutory activity of the Fund in accordance with the Agreement and the Law of Ukraine “On charitable activities and charitable organizations”.

  • For the prohannyam of the Blagodnika, give a call about the rejection of the charitable charitable sacrifice of that її vikoristannya.

The good man has the right:

– Reclaim a charitable donation for the benefit of the Fund in the manner specified by the Agreement;

– Ask for a call for a charitable charitable donation.

  1. Place of collection of coins:
    The selection of charitable donations is carried out on the territory, whether it is from the country of the world.
  2. Terms for the collection of coins:
    The selection of charitable donations will be three until the moment of liquidation to the Fund, as another term will NOT be designated by the Fund.
  3. Procedure for access to public information to the Fund
    Access to the calls to the Fund is provided by the Way of placing them on the site in the “Calls” section.

This information may be provided by the Fund in the manner and in the terms provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

  1. All spend on the payment of the sums tied to the Pererahuvannya donation Nesya Blagodіynik.
  2. Mind better
    The benefactor independently appoints the amount of charitable donation.

The sacrifice is not voluntary and does not return.

The virtuous person bears the responsibility for the accuracy of the information assigned when the donation was repaid.

In order to comply with the Law of Ukraine “On the protection of personal data” and to win the minds of the Contract, the Blagodijnik gives a year for the processing of personal data.

Until recently, between the Blagodіynik and the Fund, the provisions of Ukrainian legislation will be enforced.