And this is how we delivered bunk beds to the Berdychiv special school in Zhytomyr region

We continue to report on the implementation of our project. This time, together with the River Stone restaurant “Live” and the famous Kyiv chef, Vice President of the Association of Chefs of Ukraine Oleksiy Povtorayko, we visited the Berdychiv Special School of the Zhytomyr Regional Council.

On our last visit to the school, we brought the children clothes, shoes, coffee, food packages, toys, and sweets. And… an entertaining “Chemical Show”. Then we promised to come back, and as always, we kept our word. This time we brought 46 beds. And a surprise from Oleksiy Povtoreyko – delicious burgers cooked by himself!
The children of Berdychiv Special School are special. And not only because they are deprived of parental care or are orphans and have congenital intellectual disabilities and autistic disorders.
“The happy emotions and joyful sparkle in the children’s eyes, the comfortable conditions of staying here,” says Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Foundation, “are the most significant proof that together with our partners – the international foundations Nova Ukraine, UA Never Alone, OKKO filling stations and Vice President of the Association of Chefs of Ukraine Oleksiy Povtoreyko – we have given the children moments of true happiness.
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