Helping to save the lives of our fighters

The most critical needs for the medics who save our fighters are high-quality transportation, medicines and equipment.

Tactical medicine is the provision of medical care during war. This help saves the life of a wounded soldier on the battlefield before he gets to a medical facility. That is why it is extremely important what medicines and supplies are in the individual first aid kits of the defenders and in the backpacks of medics. We continue to support our cats by sending them the necessary medicines.

Today the military received from us and Oksana Ulan of the Medical e.V. Foundation a defibrillator, intraosseous access, Igels, gloves and chairs.

We are grateful to Nova Poshta for organizing the delivery of the humanitarian cargo on a charitable basis on the initiative of Nova Poshta Humanitarian and to our reliable German partner Oksana Ulan from the Medical e.V. Foundation for her constant help and support!