Довідка Приозерне на Херсонщині

For the third time, the charity organization Help For Ukraine has provided more than 3000 kg of aid to Kherson region. This was made possible with the support of new partners Alliance UA, Child UA, Foodbank UA, Tsar Khlib and Christliche medizinische Hilfe direkt e.V. This was reported by the press service of Help For Ukraine.

Kits with medicines, medical and hygiene products, food packages, bags of flour, and bread were brought to the village of Pryozerne and distributed to each resident. We communicated with the residents and learned about their needs.
According to Stepan Aslanian, President of the Foundation, the demand for food is high here. “It is hard for people. Artillery shots are heard constantly, both day and night, and on the outskirts of the village you can see the consequences of the “arrivals” – almost every building here has been damaged to some extent. There are private houses that have burned to the ground. And it is because of the constant shelling that aid comes here infrequently.
“We are grateful to our new partners – Alliance UA, Child UA, Foodbank UA, Tsar Khlib and the Ukrainian Christian Church in Germany,” said Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Help For Ukraine charity organization, “for joining our campaign. We would also like to thank Nova Ukraine and OKKO filling stations for their logistical support and fuel for the humanitarian mission – thanks to you, we continue our activities. And to our regular partner Oksana Ulan from the German Medical e.V. Foundation.”
“These people are striking in their optimism, even though they have survived the occupation,” summarized Yevhen Koshevoy, the Foundation’s ambassador, “the consequences of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant explosion… And even under constant shelling, their smiles do not disappear from their faces. They are ready to share with each other if someone is in need, care about their neighbors and believe in victory! These are the people who inspire and give us strength.”