Лікарі Івано-Франківська отримують медичне обладнання з Німеччини

The Regional Clinical Hospital of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council has received another humanitarian aid – 10 functional medical beds. The institution received the trauma functional medical electric beds with mattresses from the Help For Ukraine Charitable Foundation, which, in turn, received the humanitarian aid from its German colleagues at Medical e.V. It should be noted that there are very few such beds in medical institutions in Ukraine. Ukrainian doctors are also waiting for lung ventilators and haemodialysis machines, which will be transferred to regional hospitals that need them most after preventive maintenance.

According to Ostap Hryshchuk, General Director of the Regional Clinical Hospital of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council, this assistance to the hospital is extremely necessary and timely. Such medical furniture ensures the comfort and speedy recovery of patients, so the issue of replenishing it is more urgent than ever.

Especially in such a difficult and challenging time for our country: “Our team is very grateful to the Help For Ukraine Charitable Foundation for not staying away from the problems of those people who need support and help the most today – patients in hospitals like this. And they do their best to contribute a part of their soul and work to the common goal of defeating the enemy. The 10 functional beds and mattresses they have donated are an important help for us. Each of us on our own front brings our victory closer.”

“From the very beginning of our charity foundation,” says Stepan Aslanian, President of the Help for Ukraine Charitable Foundation, “we have tried to help where it is needed most. With food, clothing, bandages, disinfectants and medicines…

And with medical equipment, which our hospitals are now sorely lacking, first and foremost. We have a reliable partner in this – the Medical e.V. Foundation, which regularly supplies us with medical equipment from Germany – functional beds, mattresses, crutches, rollators, wheelchairs for people with disabilities, cots, ultrasound machines, medical tripods and other medical equipment, medicines and hygiene products. We have already helped several dozen hospitals across the country and are ready to help even more.

This time, our partners at Medical have assembled and sent another truck with humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In addition to the beds we have delivered here, we have received sets of surgical instruments for the most affected areas, haemodialysis machines and lung ventilators, medical supplies, and items for the needy. And two fire trailers that still need to be serviced before being handed over to the military or the State Emergency Service.”

“These medical beds will allow doctors to provide better medical care,” summarises Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Help For Ukraine Charitable Foundation, “as patients often need special conditions for recovery. Different medical procedures require different body positions. These beds are electrically operated and greatly facilitate the work of medical staff and are very convenient for the patient. And it is extremely important for those who are undergoing rehabilitation after surgery, injuries or during the treatment of serious illnesses. Thanks to our German partners, the Medical e.V. Foundation, our foundation has already donated hundreds of wheelchairs, stilts, crutches and multifunctional beds to Ukrainian hospitals, geriatric homes and other social institutions.”