Підготовка дорогого обладнання до доставки в Харківську область

We engaged young Kyiv specialists in assembling and testing the laparoscopic stand, which allows performing the most complicated surgeries through small punctures absolutely painless for the patient. And this is a guarantee of low trauma, minimal healing time, quick recovery and excellent cosmetic effect.

The laparoscopic stand is equipped with an endoscope and a large screen, which transmits an enlarged image of the internal organs. This allows you to see all the structures, arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels to the smallest detail – no detail can be missed.

Today, laparoscopy is the most reliable diagnostic method that allows you to detect a particular pathology with 100% accuracy. The equipment is equipped with various multifunctional devices, coagulation modes, which minimizes possible blood loss during surgery.

And this is important.

We thank Oksana Ulan and the Medical e.V. Foundation of Germany – your support and help are needed here every hour. For IDPs, community members, defenders…

Each of us acts to bring victory closer.

Thank you!