Second trip to Okhmatyit

Our humanitarian mission did not end with a visit to Okhmatdyt.

The second time, in the first minutes we were allowed to enter the territory, we were there with the most necessary things: breathing systems, blood transfusion systems, water, personal protective equipment, etc.
Cargoes were arriving there all day. In the evening we set off again. And we will keep you updated on everything that is happening there.
Two adults died in the Okhmatdyt hospital. One of them is a young doctor of the medical institution. In total, there are now 16 victims. Seven of them are children. 15 of the victims were hospitalized.
Also, 7 people were killed in Dniprovsky district as a result of the fall of debris on the medical center. There are also victims there. The building of the medical center was damaged.
Seven people died during the second wave of shelling of the private clinic “Isis”.
There are no words…