Tetiana Bakhteieva and Stepan Aslanian: Memorandum signed!

On April 11, a regular working meeting of the All-Ukrainian Medical Ethics Commission was held.

The meeting was attended by academics, professors, scientists, highly qualified practitioners, heads of public organizations that share the goals and objectives of the HEC.

As a result of the meeting, 14 committees of the VMEC were formed, which will include the most active representatives of the medical and civil society community.

The Memorandum of Joint Work and Cooperation was signed between the All-Ukrainian Medical Ethics Commission and the Help for Ukraine Charitable Foundation.

A decision was made to sign Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperation with NGOs that share and support the goals and objectives of the CMEC in order to intensify joint work on the development of medical self-government in Ukraine.

Tetiana Bakhteieva, Chairman of the Board of the All-Ukrainian Medical Ethics Commission, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, MD, said that now, in the difficult time of martial law in Ukraine, the healthcare sector especially needs the help of foreign colleagues and partners.

Obtaining such assistance and developing partnerships between Ukrainian and foreign hospitals can be successfully implemented with the assistance of public organizations and charitable foundations.

It is very important that NGOs, charitable foundations, volunteers, and concerned citizens of Ukraine unite around the All-Ukrainian Medical Ethics Commission.

The process of signing Memoranda of Partnership and Cooperation with organizations that share our goals and objectives will continue. There is a lot of joint work ahead!

Stepan Aslanian, President of the “Help for Ukraine” Charitable Foundation, said that the main focus of the Foundation’s work is to help Ukrainian healthcare institutions.

“Since the first days of the war, our priority has been to help medical institutions, hospitals and clinics. 80% of our assistance is related to medicine. Our main partners are European medical organizations, including the Ukrainian Medical Society in Germany, Slovakia and Austria,” said the President of the “Help for Ukraine” Charitable Foundation.

Stepan Aslanian, on behalf of the Help for Ukraine Foundation, expressed his willingness to take an active part in the work of the VMEC. He noted that the signed Memorandum will facilitate cooperation and the creation of a communication platform between Ukrainian medical institutions and European ones on the basis of the VMEC, with the aim of further direct dialogue between them.