The border area also needs help

We have brought 7 functional electric medical beds, two of which are designed to move patients in intensive care, to Sumy region. We delivered them to the Hlukhiv city hospital, 15 kilometers away from our neighbor who went crazy. We also delivered chairs-toilets, masks, gloves, disinfectants and antiseptics.

We talked to the staff, got acquainted with the urgent needs, so that next time we could bring exactly what the hospital needs most. We are planning the next trip soon. We saw what the hospital is currently equipped with. There is still a lot of work to be done: there are new departments and old ones. And all of them need to be equipped, as the number of patients is growing.
The whole world knows that a great war has come to Ukraine. And the whole world is ready to help in various areas to ensure that only Ukrainians survive Russia’s armed aggression.
We are grateful to our constant partners from Germany – Oksana Ulan and the team of the Medical e.V. Foundation, Vujko Vasyl, Yulia Mazepa, Bernard Holdst, Pete Tam, Katharina Scholl, Kelston and Shatter from ASB Witton, the Christian Volunteer Hundred and the Community of All Saints Greek Catholic Church in Hamburg!
The Hlukhiv City Council thanks you for such a wonderful New Year’s gift! The administration of the Hlukhiv City Hospital has already accepted everything, accounted for it and is preparing it for use!