We plan to open a rehabilitation center in early 2024

Stepan Aslanian, president of the foundation, said during a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on November 15.

The project will be implemented on the basis of leased space in the central building of the Morshynskyi sanatorium in Lviv region. The Step By Step center for psychological and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation of military personnel will be equipped with comfortable wards with functional medical beds, as well as equipment for ultrasound diagnostics and laboratory tests. Negotiations with specialized certified laboratories to treat the consequences of acubarotrauma in cooperation with professional psychologists are currently underway.

At the same time, Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Foundation, noted that in the year and a half of its work, the Help for Ukraine Charitable Foundation has already implemented a number of projects, which, as well as the Foundation’s annual report, can be found on the Foundation’s website.