TSN 1 + 1 studio told about the social project “Save Kherson water”

Project manager Andriy Rakov and project manager Kostyantyn Marchenko of the “Help for Ukraine” Charitable Foundation told about how the foundation is still helping the frontline Kherson region. How the volunteers deliver humanitarian supplies almost to the front line. And the inventor of the unit, an active serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Borys Vykhovanets, together with his colleague Hryhoriy Mamchur, told about the history of the idea and its implementation near Bakhmut. He also demonstrated the unit in action on air. And the hosts even tasted the water purified on the spot.

Our project is unique in terms of its low cost, high efficiency and mobility. It is already operating in a number of frontline settlements. Its testing has been successful. It is the most effective option for water supply not only in Kherson region, but also in Mykolaiv region and future destroyed territories.
How is it beneficial? These are Ukrainian-made mobile units that are almost impossible to destroy during shelling. They can be deployed in 1 minute. They operate on autonomous power. They can be moved within a few minutes. One unit can produce up to 1.5 tons of water per day.
We have developed this initiative and urge Ukrainian businesses and local governments to join it.

More information about the project itself can be found on our website, as well as contact us at the mobile phone number listed on it