We are always there for you

Наша медична система охорони здоров’я пережила війну. Ми разом із нашими німецькими партнерами Medical eV продовжуємо підтримувати його та допомагати розвиватися, задовольняючи потреби медичних установ у найнеобхіднішому.

And this is important. After all, hospitals continue to perform the most complex emergency surgeries and planned transplants, and the blood service is actively working. And the supply of medicines and consumables must be regular and one hundred percent.

Lung ventilators and ventilators. Defibrillators and medical furniture. Crutches, wheelchairs, stretchers. Antiseptics and antibiotics. And much, much, much more.

This time we delivered a defibrillator to the Turia Hospital for Scheduled Treatment

We are always there for you. And we are always ready to bring or deliver it. Just tell us what you need now, our doctors!