We continue to support medicine

Ivano-Frankivsk region also needs help! We are happy to make the lives of people in the region more comfortable! An anesthesia machine and a surgical table have already been delivered to the Lysetsk Hospital.

We thank Oksana Ulan and the Ukrainian Medical Society in Germany, as well as Nova Poshta for their reliable partnership!
We thank the entire Hamburg team for their help!
Vasyl Dukhna, Vasyl Balbachan, Felix-Rüdiger G. Giebler, Frau Pietsch, Professor Dr. Med. Dr. Habil, Andriy Berenda and sons, Anna Mazur, Kostyantyn Holoskevych, Bernd Peter Holst, Father Pavlo Tsviek – together with you we are an unbreakable force!