We have a new addition!

Not only military vehicles have a short lifespan. Every volunteer who delivers aid to the frontline areas knows that on war-torn roads, off-road, everything in a car “flies”.

And at the most unexpected moments. And the volunteer’s life often depends on the vehicle’s serviceability. So our “iron horses” should have been retired a long time ago. It is not easy to find a reliable car for volunteer needs nowadays. But we were lucky! We received a vehicle for the transportation of humanitarian goods from our partner, Ryder Ukraine, a company of American origin that has been actively operating in Ukraine since 2021.

For those who are not aware, Ryder Ukraine provides rental vehicles for solving various last-mile logistics business tasks. The Ryder commercial vehicle fleet in Ukraine is represented by several models and is constantly expanding, making it possible to rent a large number of different, and at the same time unified, vehicles for the transportation of goods. But the main thing that characterizes it is reliability, honesty, transparency, and round-the-clock customer support on all issues. We are glad to have such a partnership. We recommend it to you as well!

Get involved in volunteering – good always returns a hundredfold!

Let’s unite for victory!