We invite Ukrainian businesses to partner with us

Our project is unique due to its low cost, high efficiency and mobility. “Now water is being delivered to the regions affected by the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant explosion, and some communities want to launch wells. This is a long process,” says Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of Help For Ukraine. – Such ideas are too labor-intensive and better implemented after the war”.

That is why we started searching for more affordable solutions and chose the most effective option: mobile systems made in Ukraine. The first such unit is already in operation in the village of Kozatske, 5 km from the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station and the front line. Now we have received requests from residents of Muzykivska and Snihurivska communities to install such systems.

“Some of the sofa ‘experts’ are still convinced for some reason,” adds Stepan Aslanian, President of the Foundation, “that this is the work of the state, but now we are all the state. That is why we have developed this initiative and urge Ukrainian business to join it. Ideally, every frontline community should be provided with mobile water treatment stations during the war. Especially in the frontline areas – if necessary, it can be moved to a safe place.”