Another humanitarian aid shipment delivered to Ukrainian defenders

We continue to support our soldiers. Once again, we have collected and delivered humanitarian aid to the military.

In particular, we have collected turnstiles, a defibrillator, bandages, a bag of AMBU (a hand-held ventilator used for patients with respiratory problems) and bandages.
“Another regular trip to our defenders has come to an end,” comments Stepan Aslanian, President of the Help For Ukraine Charitable Foundation, “I would like to thank our partners, the Medical e.V. Foundation, who are constantly involved in helping our defenders, giving them a piece of their heart, love and warmth of their souls. And to Nova Poshta for its unprecedented support in delivering our humanitarian aid free of charge.”
“Today, our army regularly needs high-quality bandages and tourniquets, as this is the basis for saving the lives of soldiers when they are wounded,” adds Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Help For Ukraine Charitable Foundation. “We must not forget that the war in the country is still ongoing. Ordinary citizens and our military are constantly on the verge of life and death. We believe in our defenders, who conquer with courage, intelligence and heroic deeds. Ukraine is invincible.”