We continue to bring victory closer

For over a year now, our country has been bravely defending itself against the aggressor. Fierce fighting continues in the south and east of our country, where our military are bravely holding the line.

We are trying to provide our defenders with the most necessary supplies, as we understand that the fate of each of us is in their capable hands. Our task is to continue to be a reliable rear guard and deliver timely assistance.
To help them, we keep sending humanitarian aid to our defending heroes at the frontline. This time we have delivered another batch of aid to one of the military units at the front line: 10 futons and 10 sleeping bags.
“We are making every effort to achieve one goal – victory. Our foreign friends – the Medical e.V. Foundation from Germany and Nova Poshta – are also coming to our aid,” said Stepan Aslanian, President of the Help For Ukraine Charitable Foundation. “We have delivered 10 cots and 10 sleeping bags to our military unit. We are grateful to everyone who selflessly participates – volunteers, delivers the goods with their own vehicles, coordinates the work, helps with fuel! We thank our military for their resilience! Let’s keep going!”
“I believe that if for objective reasons you cannot take up arms,” adds Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Help For Ukraine Charitable Foundation, “you should do your best for those who are defending their homeland. We sincerely believe that the war will end soon and it will end only with our victory. It cannot be otherwise.”