Термоковдри для наших котів

We have delivered 5 Blizzard thermal blankets for the soldiers of the 135th separate battalion of the TRO. They are reusable and will help to save our soldiers. According to the soldiers themselves, they are like iPhones in the world of thermal blankets.

Because these blankets are elastic, with self-adhesive fasteners, and adhere to the body. This helps to reduce heat transfer and heat loss. The metallized polymer foil (Reflexcell) provides complete protection against water and wind, and blocks heat loss more effectively than any other emergency product.

This is the number 1 thermal blanket for members of the International Search and Rescue Service, British and American military, to treat the injured.

We thank our partners Ukraine is never alone for helping to save the lives of our cats!

Thank you for your efficiency, Nova Poshta, and the Nova Poshta Humanitarian initiative!