Helping seriously ill children is a matter of honor for us

Today, all the efforts of the state and society are aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is why the medical front is increasingly relying on volunteers to help. However, even among medical institutions, there are those who need support the most.

We have been taking care of the palliative care unit for children at the Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 for a long time.” We regularly provide assistance in the most necessary things. After all, there are children with serious diagnoses, and their lives depend on medical care. And for such hospitals, the most basic assistance is a great treasure in such a difficult time. Medicines, medical equipment, care products for these children – all this is needed constantly and in great quantity!
This time we delivered saline solution, Ringer’s solution and glucose. We are going to come again soon. So, please join us – let’s help these kids overcome all the hardships together. United by the desire to help our neighbor, we will definitely win!
We are extremely grateful to our like-minded partners who tirelessly support us in our efforts to do good – Oksana Ulan from the Medical e.V. Foundation, Nova Ukraine and the OKKO gas station chain, as well as Nova Poshta!