We continue to bring joy to children

This time, we made a magical visit to the Chernihiv region, to the Nizhyn orphanage. We brought more than fifty children with special needs not only clothes, toys, hygiene products, sweets, but also a secret surprise – an entertaining “Chemical Show”.

Positive emotions, kindness and warmth of adults’ hearts, goodwill and attention are no less necessary for them than medicines.
The children were enthusiastically watching the wonderful world of discoveries and sizzling experiments: they tasted orange-flavored liquid nitrogen and tested their own superpowers, organized a fog crazy explosion followed by a mini-disco party. They also “set fire” to their hands, took a magic shower, and prepared magic mixtures from which fabulous miracles were born…
“A generous wave of kindness brought a lot of joy, warmth and fairy-tale magic! The happy emotions and joyful sparkle in the children’s eyes,” says Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Foundation, “became the most significant proof that together with our partners – the international foundations Nova Ukraine, Medical e.V., #OKKO gas station chain, Nova Poshta, Nestlé, Svitoch and German partners – we have done a great job – we have given them moments of true happiness.
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