Preparing cargo for Luhansk Cancer Center

We have prepared a 5-ton truck of humanitarian aid for the recolonized Luhansk Cancer Center: 6 electronic and 4 mechanical functional beds, 10 mattresses, 1 medical couch, 200 liters of glucose solution, 1000 medical masks and the same number of medical gloves – a good support for the institution that, after moving from Luhansk to Kreminna and Rubizhne, and then to Sarny in the Rivne region, to the Chernobyl zone.

After losing everything, the team started from scratch. In a city where oncological pathologies are often diagnosed. Initially treating patients in one wing of the Sarny District Hospital’s surgical department, the cancer center is preparing to expand and open a full-fledged department. Most of the doctors from the Luhansk dispensary and some of the medical staff, as well as local doctors, work here. They provide inpatient care, including surgery and chemotherapy. Both local residents and IDPs from Luhansk region, of whom there are many.
We sincerely thank our constant German partners, the Medical e.V. Foundation, for such important help, and the international foundation Nova Ukraine, for the opportunity to deliver it to those who need it!