Volunteer is also the author of the state’s future

Volunteering in Ukraine has every chance to reach a higher level of cooperation with foreign partners. We have succeeded. And we continue to expand our cooperation by engaging new partners.

Such cooperation is real and effective. This is evidenced by our experience since our foundation in the first days of the full-scale invasion.
We still regularly support more than 100 military units, hospitals and clinics. Over 80,000 displaced persons from the war zone, about 50 orphanages, boarding schools, kindergartens and schools have already received targeted assistance from our foundation. One third of the total amount – more than 1700 tons of humanitarian aid – is medicines and equipment, including 250 units of expensive diagnostic equipment.
We do not collect donations from ordinary Ukrainians, but find international and Ukrainian donors and patrons. These are 150 specialized non-governmental organizations, companies and foundations, foreign businesses, and institutions from more than 10 European countries: USA, Germany, etc.
Therefore, the participation of our Foundation’s representatives in the Ukrainian Forum “Herkulesaufgabe des Wiederaufbaus” held in Munich and dedicated to the reconstruction of Ukraine, its development and cooperation between the two countries was natural.

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