Volunteering is not just about helping

Charitable organizations should not stand aside from the restoration and development of our country. By creating and developing new projects aimed at the post-war revival of Ukraine in cooperation with the European community, we are able to help effectively.

We are not only confident in this, but we know this from our own experience of our activities. That is why events such as the Ukrainian Forum “Herkulesaufgabe des Wiederaufbaus” held in Munich and dedicated to the reconstruction of Ukraine, its development and cooperation between the two countries are a chance for charitable organizations to establish effective cooperation with foreign business and become equal partners on mutually beneficial terms. Such cooperation is real. We are already creating and implementing projects involving business. Other volunteer organizations can do the same. After all, volunteering is primarily about solving the problems of those in need. It is not just about collecting donations and purchasing the necessary goods and handing them over to those in need.

And you can read about this in the online version of the Ukrainian View News Agency