To keep our cats warm

Frosty nights in a dugout, even with a trench candle and a stove, are not a pleasant experience. That’s why sleeping bags are extremely necessary at the front. Our defenders are in great need of them now. And we send them immediately upon request.

Although the state provides the military with sleeping bags, war is war, so this is also a consumable. While the state issues new ones, volunteers provide others in cold weather.

Today, each of us especially appreciates the support of our foreign friends, as we all stand for human values and freedom. The most valuable thing in any cooperation is the result achieved through people’s efforts. Thus, Ukraine’s misfortune activates people all over the world to help the victims of Russia’s military actions, so we regularly receive humanitarian aid from abroad, which we deliver to meet the needs that, unfortunately, are particularly acute now.
And we are extremely grateful, just like our cats, to our constant partner – Yuriy Chernovalov from Hamburg!