We work seven days a week to help Kherson

Over the weekend, the charitable organization “HelpForUkraine” sent almost 4 tons of aid to Kherson, which is suffering from flooding caused by the Russian invaders’ blowing up the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station dam.

In particular, with the assistance and support of the Foundation’s new partners, parishioners from North Carolina (USA) and Romania, Pastor Stefan Keller from Germany, the International Charitable Foundation “Nova Ukraine”, the OKKO filling station chain and regular partners and donors from Germany – Oksana Ulan from the Medical e.V. Foundation to support the affected residents of the Kherson region of the Dnipro community, a variety of canned food (stew, canned beans, condensed milk, etc.), sugar, oil, noodles, cereals, coffee, cookies, butter, toilet paper, and other detergents and hygiene products were sent to one of the resilience centers and the parishioners of the Monastery of St. Volodymyr the Great.

In particular, 4 generators were brought from Pastor Stefan Keller from Germany. The International Charitable Foundation “Nova Ukraine” and the OKKO filling station chain provided fuel. Volunteers of the charity organization Help For Ukraine added respirators, two pallets of linen, towels, clothes, sanitizers, hygiene products and mattresses to the cargo. And they ensured the delivery of this cargo. And not only did they deliver it, but also distributed it among two hundred community residents and fifty parishioners, taking into account safety requirements and the needs of those affected by the flooding.

This humanitarian mission was preceded by hundreds of kilometers of roads in Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions, where volunteers went to collect humanitarian aid from partners for Kherson, which suffered from the Russian terrorist attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station.

The members of the Servant of the People faction in the Kyiv City Council eagerly joined the humanitarian mission and purchased: 10 chainsaws, 24 sets of oil-resistant gloves, 38 bayonet shovels, 20 shovel handles, shovel and sapper shovels, 2 gas camping kits, 2 clamps, 24 axes, 10 knives, 17 pairs of men’s and women’s boots, one-wheeled wheelbarrows, 3 drainage pumps for dirty water and 2 connection kits, mosquito sprays, 20 construction buckets, 10 rakes, garden hoses.

“With our unbreakable spirit, our honesty and integrity,” said Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Help For Ukraine Charitable Organization, “we will defeat the enemy together, united with similarly minded citizens – volunteers! Only together we will win!

“We have all united for the sake of one big mission,” summarized Yevhen Koshevoy, the Foundation’s ambassador, “to help people in need and show them that they are not alone. Some of the sofa experts are still somehow convinced that this is the work of the state, but now we are all the state. All of us, including the Help For Ukraine charitable organization, are working for a single goal, for peace. And we understand that if there is no coherence in our actions, we will never win. We need to unite, help each other and support each other.”