Establishment of a rehabilitation center in Morshyn

The war leaves a mark on the lives of many who stand in defense of Ukraine.

We believe in the power of recovery and the importance of support. Creating a rehabilitation center is one of our main goals. Join us and together we will create new opportunities for our her



The project is designed to rehabilitate war victims, including veterans, military personnel discharged from the army for health reasons, family members of military personnel (both combatants and those killed and wounded), refugees (internally displaced persons), civilians living in the occupied territories, and civilians who have suffered any psychological trauma as a result of hostilities.

Objectives to be achieved

To organize a psychological rehabilitation unit with 50 beds. To implement the project, renovate one of the floors of the central building of the sanatorium, equip 25 double rooms with a bathroom and toilet.

The need to repair 25 wards 4000 0000 UAH (100 000 €)

How to support our initiative?

We are looking for partners who understand the importance of restoring Ukrainian heroes and are ready to support us with money, materials or services.

To repair one room (ward), we need to raise €4,000

The amount may change. In case all the project funds are not realized, the money will be used to help the military – to purchase equipment, materials, etc.

The project has already started!