Psychological rehabilitation programme for military personnel in Morshyn

Rehabilitation in Morshyn for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence and other categories of citizens in need of social assistance!

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the “Help For Ukraine” Foundation and the State Enterprise “Morshynskyi Sanatorium”.

The growing need for rehabilitation of the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has prompted the creation of projects aimed at organising and conducting their rehabilitation (including psychological).


To help active servicemen and women of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, servicemen and women who have been wounded and other categories of citizens in need of rehabilitation to regain their strength and regain motivation to live.

The rehabilitation programme is conducted in groups of 10 people

Medical support and supervision

Consultation with a physiotherapist, development of an individual rehabilitation programme.

Daily psychological practices

group sessions, individual practices, evening reflections, art therapy, self-regulation training

Physical recovery

Therapeutic exercise sessions, outdoor therapies, body-oriented practices, rehabilitation exercises by areas, sports games, ergotherapy, kinesitherapy, water procedures and relaxation.

Cultural programme

Excursions to museums and the city, historical lectures.

The programme lasts 21 days (individual schedule)

We are collecting money for the rehabilitation of one group

Our goal is 400.000.00 UAH

How to support our initiative?

Ми шукаємо партнерів, які розуміють важливість відновлення українських героїв та готові підтримати нас фінансами або послугами.

One programme for 10 participants requires €10,000

The amount may change due to seasonal increases or decreases in service prices.

If all the project funds are not used, the money will be used to help the military – to purchase equipment, materials, etc.