Хліб – від Цар Хліб

In Kozatske, in the Kherson region, only 290 people out of more than 4,000 remained, and in Vesele – about 280. Those who are left are few. But they need our help. They need food too. Although, in the absence of electricity, gas and water, the priority here is fast food.

We are grateful to our new partners, Tsar Khlib LLC and Berkat Charitable Foundation, for helping to support the residents of these villages with bread and packaged rice porridge with instant vegetables!
“Ukrainians have repeatedly demonstrated their unity to the whole world,” comments Yevhen Koshevoy, the Foundation’s ambassador. – “And in the most difficult times, they joined forces even more. Volunteer support is important for everyone here. Because war is a tragedy of the nation, not of individual families. And by returning people to normal living conditions, we give them support, faith and strength to continue fighting for victory. Please join in!”