Кувез для Луганської дитячої лікарні в Лубнах

The Luhansk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, which has been relocated to Lubny, will continue to treat newborns, both local and female IDPs. And the need for equipment is growing. That is why the incubator for newborns, medical masks, bedside tables were brought there by volunteers of the charitable organization “Help for Ukraine” thanks to the German foundation @MEDICAL e.V.

Last weekend, volunteers of the charitable organization “Help For Ukraine” delivered an incubator for newborns to the Luhansk Regional Children’s Hospital. The hospital reopened in Lubny on August 15, 2022.
“This is not the first time we have helped,” says Stepan Aslanian, President of the Foundation. “Last September, we provided 12 children’s beds, in December – medical masks, rubber medical gloves, disposable medical gowns… And this is the least we can do to help these heroic people, for which we thank, first of all, Oksana Ulan from the German foundation @MEDICAL e.V.”.
“I can’t calmly accept the fact,” comments Yevhen Koshevoy, the Foundation’s ambassador, “that the Russians still can’t calm down, destroying everything that has been built and multiplied over the years in my native Luhansk region. There are still many needs in the hospital. That is why this help is not the last one. I urge everyone who has the opportunity to join in.”
Since 2014, the hospital staff has gone through a lot: moving from occupied Luhansk to Lysychansk, occupation again, liberation, reconstruction, and with the outbreak of war, a second round of moving to Lubny in Poltava Oblast. And not all at once. According to the medical director Tetiana Brazhnikova, people believed that everything would be like it was then: in a week or two they would repel the enemy, and that would be it. But this time it was different. Round-the-clock shelling with Grad rockets, bombing, mortar attacks… On February 26, getting to work became a heroic act: street battles were going on in Lysychansk, and doctors were saving lives… Without realizing how far the enemy had gone.
“The war is not only a severe test,” adds Vilen Fatalov, Vice President of the Foundation, “but also a test of humanity. And the heroism of people in peaceful professions. The stories of these doctors are impressive. We would also like to thank our partners, the Nova Ukraine International Foundation and OKKO filling station chain, for the opportunity to help with the humanitarian aid!”
“The hospital, which had been overhauled before the war, was completely destroyed,” says Tatyana Aleksandrovna. And it was a multifunctional, research and clinical base in Luhansk Oblast with the latest equipment and the lowest mortality rate in Ukraine and one of the lowest in Europe… We lost almost everything. There was no relocation as such: we loaded the lung ventilators onto ambulances and… left.”
“Not all of the equipment to replace the lost equipment was purchased,” continues Tetiana Brazhnikova. We need more for full-fledged work. Since the opening, we have already helped 3,000 children in the community – both local and IDPs, including residents of Luhansk. With enough equipment, we can help even more children. Moreover, we provide services free of charge.”