“Feofaniya hospital receives ultrasound machine from volunteers

This week, the charitable organization Help For Ukraine provided the Center for Urology and Oncourology of Feofaniya Hospital with an ultrasound machine, which was received from long-standing and reliable partners, whose representatives in Ukraine are the German foundation Medical e.V.

According to the hospital, such attention and assistance during the war is invaluable. Even for a hospital like Feofaniya, which is funded by the state, the clinic’s needs have increased significantly during the war. This is not the first humanitarian mission of the Foundation to Feofaniya. Last month, we brought chairs-toilets, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, a couch, reusable medical diapers, medical bandages and suturing materials for its patients.
“Any of us can help Ukraine,” adds Vilen Fatalov, the foundation’s vice president. – “And our motto – from help to victory – is exactly about that. When you live by this, you don’t need to be reminded that the war is still ongoing.”
“Every appeal to friends in the West,” says Stepan Aslanian, President of the Foundation, “every shipment to the front or to Kherson, Kharkiv or frontline villages is part of the fight against the enemy and Ukraine’s inevitable great victory. There are no small things today. They are all part of the bigger picture.”
In total, the Foundation regularly supports more than 100 hospitals, where a third of the total amount of humanitarian aid delivered by foreign partners – hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid – is delivered, including medicines and equipment, including more than 150 units of expensive diagnostic equipment.
Thanks to the long-standing and reliable partners represented by the Foundation in Ukraine – the German Medical e.V. Foundation – and their close cooperation with medical institutions in Germany, over the year of its operation, the Foundation has donated ambulances and special vehicles, ventilators, hemodialysis and ultrasound machines, incubators for newborns, Drager patient monitors, heart, eye and cardiac surgery kits, and portable ECGs, portable ECG kits, Ambu lung ventilation bags and oxygen cylinders, AGFA CR 30-Xm digitizers and Agfa HealthCare NX laboratory technician stations, Siemens Mobilett XP X-ray machines, functional medical beds (mechanical and electric), surgical tables, gynecological chairs, children’s beds, etc.